Medium Links,
a Scrolling Headache

Over the past few months Medium has become one of my favorite mobile apps. The content and community are fantastic and it’s been fun to learn about topics I never knew I had an interest in.

Recently I’ve been noticing a problem. As more and more people use Medium to expand engagement beyond the site, links within the mobile application have made scrolling through stories very difficult.

When I scroll through the content my thumb consistently and inadvertently clicks on links within the content causing a popup window to appear every time. When this happens over and over throughout a story it quickly takes away from the experience and the value of the content is lost.

I’m not sure of the best way to solve this problem but the reading experience needs to be the top priority.

One way to fix this is to remove links from within the content of the mobile app and instead list them at the end of the page with footnotes. Links should always be available to learn more about a topic but they need to be placed where they don’t impact usability.

Medium is an engaging reading experience. Not a skim for information experience like the web. If links are going to be shown then they can’t be a distraction to the reader — especially on mobile devices.

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