A Collection of Resources That Helped Me Build The Duckwyn Project

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Here are all the great resources that helped me build Duckwyn, a travel passport book for kids to track where they’ve been in the world.

Thank you to all the people who have spent so much time publishing their work so that others can leverage their ideas and expand upon them. I’ll continue to add more resources as I use them.

Duckwyn is built on Ruby on Rails

  • Membership Site with Stripe: If you want to get started on your idea fast, I recommend using something like this to get you started. It will get you setup with a fully functioning Rails app. You can get started on your project right away without having to manually setup payment and login systems.
  • Will_Paginate Gem: Used to easily paginate through the travel journal. I also added Endless Scrolling.
  • Possessive Gem: This simple gem makes it easy to correct add an apostrophe to names to show possession.


  • JQV Map: a clickable jQuery vector map. This is used on the explore page to show highlight the states that people have visited.
  • Clickable Map: I haven’t used this one yet but it could be used later since there are detailed maps of Africa and Latin America



  • Rubber Stamp Effect: This helped with the design of the stamps that go into the passport book when you visit each destination.


  • Map Icons: I didn’t end up using these but they helped provide some inspirations for the icons I designed.

Google Maps

Web Design

  • Coolors.co: I used this to help build a color palette for the company


Want to learn more about the Duckwyn Project? Check out our post on Medium.

Founder of Duckwyn, a travel passport app for families to track which countries, U.S. states, major cities, and destinations they’ve visited. Share your travel.

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