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2020 has been quite the year. It’s been so challenging for all of us. A year ago we were enjoying a trip through Italy. That seems like a decade ago now. We’re living in an uncertain time. It’s certainly not the right time for working on a travel app but I didn’t know that when I started all this a couple years ago. In the end, we work with what we’re given and we go from there.

One of my hobbies is taking my crazy ideas and bringing them to life by joining different web technologies. …

Recently, I started a new project. I’ve worked on many different ideas over the years but this one is different. For the first time in my life I’m working on a project that combines many of my passions (my kids, my family, love of design, coding, travel, history, and exploration). This project gives me purpose. Before I jump into it, I should give you a bit of the back story…

My family and I, like many families, enjoy traveling. Ever since the kids were babies, we’ve been taking them all over the United States. Now that they are older, we’ve…

Here are all the great resources that helped me build Duckwyn, a travel passport book for kids to track where they’ve been in the world.

Thank you to all the people who have spent so much time publishing their work so that others can leverage their ideas and expand upon them. I’ll continue to add more resources as I use them.

Duckwyn is built on Ruby on Rails

  • Membership Site with Stripe: If you want to get started on your idea fast, I recommend using something like this to get you started. It will get you setup with a fully…

With the recent rise of Meerkat, Periscope and other live video apps, live is now live again.

A couple of weeks ago Apple hosted the Apple Watch event. You could watch the event on Apple’s online feed but if you wanted to watch the event live from different perspectives you tuned into Meerkat as it was 5 to 10 seconds faster than the Apple feed and you could get different vantage points.

Live video apps are transforming concerts, sporting events, and conferences. They give you unfiltered access to events occurring all over the world.

Right now we are enjoying the…

Over the past few months Medium has become one of my favorite mobile apps. The content and community are fantastic and it’s been fun to learn about topics I never knew I had an interest in.

Recently I’ve been noticing a problem. As more and more people use Medium to expand engagement beyond the site, links within the mobile application have made scrolling through stories very difficult.

When I scroll through the content my thumb consistently and inadvertently clicks on links within the content causing a popup window to appear every time. …

Sorry Samsung but the next big thing in smartphones will be the OS not the hardware.

Our smartphones today aren’t very smart. They only go by this name because they do more than the previous generation of dumb phones. For our smartphones to be truly smart they need to know us better, learn our behavior, and make intelligent decision in real-time.

When I get up in the morning and look at my iPhone, it looks exactly the same as it did when I went to bed or any other time of day for that matter. …

Chris Wills

Founder of Duckwyn, a travel passport app for families to track which countries, U.S. states, major cities, and destinations they’ve visited. Share your travel.

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